The Britney Bill

Posted March 4, 2007 by thebritneybill
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The Britney Bill [front]

The Britney Bill [back]

The Britney Bill
She’s worth a dollar. Celebrate her insanity and make your own Britney Bill today.

Ex-mousekeeter Britney Spears is far from becoming the next Madonna. From two failed marriages (55 hour marriage to childhood best friend and the second to KFed) to being an unfit mother with two baby boys, we have witnessed the pop princess contribute to her celebrity downfall. Divorcing KFed led to nightly partying with celebutant Paris Hilton and well, you know – the paparazzi loved her for never wearing underwear. She instantly gained celebutard status. Her latest Oops! I Did It Again moment included shaving her locks and going under the needle for a pair of lips on her wrist. Brit has definitely gone insane and we need to commemorate this moment of self-destruction through the newly released Britney Bill. It’s the least we can do for poor Britney. Celebrate by making your own Britney Bills!

How To Make Your Own Britney Bills:


    color printer cotton resume paper scissors
    color printer 24lb 100% cotton
    résumé paper
    ($12.59 from Staples)
    scissors or X-Acto knife


  1. Download the PDF file: med or high res.
  2. Load the printer with cotton paper. Beware of the watermark! Its location varies on each sheet.
  3. For print settings, choose the best quality and “photo quality ink jet paper” for media type. Print page one.
  4. Reload printed side face down into printer tray and print page two.
  5. Cut the bills.
  6. Celebrate Brit’s insanity and spread the bills. Become a Britney Billionaire!
  7. Take pictures of the Britney Bill in action and post them on Flickr with “the britney bill” tag.

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